A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at –Bruce Lee

90% of hockey is mental & the other half is physical –Jim McKenny

It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice –Eric Lindros

Some dream of success. Others wake up every day and work hard at it. –Winston Churchill

Welcome to Crouchy Alpha Hockey

The Crouchy Alpha Hockey method has proven to help any hockey player at any level improve their hockey game. By repeatedly executing proper form and technique down to the slightest detail through a myriad of different avenues, athletes will acquire better balance and agility, which enables them to gain muscle memory. Once achieved, it allows the athlete to master edges and stride with the most efficiency. This translates into becoming a better, faster hockey player who is more equipped and able to react and anticipate where the play of the game is headed as opposed to where it is currently or where it just was. Being ahead of the fastest game on earth requires not only balance, agility, and proper stride but also explosiveness and quickness. And this can only be achieved properly if the athlete has a well-conditioned body ready to endure the battle on the next shift. Endurance allows the athlete’s mind to stay focused and clear.

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Agility is the ability to move quickly, easily and intelligently. Hockey requires a player to do all. On the ice there are many external stimuli with play, the position of opponents, the position of teammates and position of the puck. Agility coupled with a player’s starting speed, explosiveness, deceleration and high velocity direction change are characteristics that embody an elite Crouchy Alpha hockey player.


To be a great hockey player requires more than pure skill and talent – it requires leadership. A leader sets the example and supports both his team and individual teammates. Leadership is not asked for, but demonstrated through actions. Alpha skaters and goalies are trained to be both physically and mentally strong.


Power = Force x Velocity. Hockey is a power dependent sport. Power has a direct transfer into a player’s shot, puck release, how much force a player will be able to produce in a shot with minimal wind up time, body check force, agility and explosive starting speed. Strong Alpha hockey players have a combination of both speed and strength. Our goal is for every Alpha skater to balance speed and strength allowing the skater to make the greatest impact on the ice.

Hockey Sense

Hockey is one of the fastest and most intelligent team sports. “Hockey sense” is spatial intelligence and situational awareness: knowing where you are on the ice, being aware of your surroundings, anticipating the play and making your next move. Alpha Clinics build player’s hockey IQ to promote skaters to make quicker and smarter decisions.


Acceleration is a combination of speed, quickness and agility. Acceleration is one of the most important skills for a skater coupled with stick handling skills, vision and “hockey sense”. Speed is a very important factor in today’s game and acceleration is a huge part of speed. Alpha Clinics focus on drills both on and off ice that will increase acceleration for a skater to be able to beat their opponent.