Crouchy Alpha Power–skating

power-skating varsity sessionsCrouchy Alpha power-skating varsity sessions are focused on skating, agility and body control. The power-skating instruction is focused on how to get the skater to where he or she needs to be on the ice fast with proper execution and explosiveness. Crouchy Alpha power-skating is designed to teach each skater to become powerful and efficient skaters. To become a great hockey player, the skater has to understand how to control their body. Power-skating drills are designed to create muscle memory for the skater.

Power Skating:

  • Stride & Power skating
  • Advanced Edgework
  • Backwards Skating


  • Inside/Outside/Flat - Forwards and Backwards
  • Hockey Turns
  • Spread Eagle


  • Forwards to Backwards & Backwards to Forwards
  • Skating with the Puck

Using Body:

  • To protect puck
  • Using body contact to incorporate better balance

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