Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy:

Derek Crouch has an intensely skilled and hyperreal approach to instructing proper technique of power-skating, edges, stickhandling and then transferring these skills to the game of hockey. Derek’s energy and passion for the game is undeniable; this motivates Alpha skaters to perform at or above 100% of their abilities. Whether Derek is working with one skater or with a team, his approach is always focused on the individual development of each skater and how it strengthens the group or team. Derek is a perfectionist in teaching skating technique and he is encouragingly demanding of every skater to train at an elite level, have fun and love the game.

Derek’s talent and knowledge of skating and the game of hockey affords him an incredible ability to demonstrate skating and hockey drills for skaters with precision. Derek’s ability to perform the high-energy skating and stickhandling drills is invaluable for the continued development of skaters of all skill levels. Derek focus’ on skaters performing outside of their comfort zone and he encourages the skater to have positive motivation of, “I can” and “I will” when performing and perfecting new drills.

Alpha Fundamentals:

  • Agility
  • Leadership
  • Power
  • Hockey Sense and
  • Acceleration

Derek incorporates the Alpha fundamentals in every clinic and skating session. Under Derek’s leadership, Alpha lessons, Clinics and team instruction are fast-paced, intense and leave the skater with a desire to get back on the ice for another demanding and challenging Alpha session.